Product Design, Physical Computing
Concept Development / Physical Computing / Sketching / Storyboarding / Graphic Design / Video Editing 

A team project in class Smart Objects, collaborated with Elisa Werbler and Effy Zhang.


For those trying to learn physical computing, the barrier to entry can be very high. The process of learning by experimenting can be a useful tool; however since the materials and vocabulary are unfamiliar it can be difficult to get started. 

Therefore, Smarty Plants was designed to use metaphor and storytelling to help people understand and execute simple circuitry and coding. Following the step-by-step instructions on the tutorial book, people learn about physical computing while assembling a set of "organic plants" with electronic components, gaining an enjoyable experience by making and interacting throughout the entire process.



Smarty Plants: product concept video




Smarty Plants graphic design

The entire Smarty Plants set

Within the tool kit: plant body, Arduino board, breadboard, wires, LED lights and the tutorial booklet

The tutorial booklet

The tutorial booklet

The detail design inside the booklet